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theatre review

Beauty Is Prison-Time

Zoe Mavroudi With Support from Ramapo College of New Jersey

'Beauty Is Prison-Time' combines a fluid script with innovative direction and enchanting acting. Based on an inmate's efforts to enter a beauty pageant held in a Siberian prison, this one-woman piece tackles difficult political issues in a confident yet deeply emotional way. Interest is captured from the very beginning as the likeable and intriguing protagonist invites the audience to get to know her. The talented Zoe Mavroudi builds a variety of invisible characters and scenarios through the precise execution of cleverly choreographed physical movements combined with well-timed insertions of sound and imaginative use of props. Reaching a poignant climax, this provocative piece raises political questions in a truly endearing manner. Definitely worth a watch.

theSpaces@Surgeons Hall, 6 - 28 Aug (not 8, 16, 23), 12.55pm, £5.00- £7.00, fpp 229

tw rating: 4/5

published: Aug-2010

[Sarah Howell]

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